Wrestling game: WWE 2012

wwe 2012
As is tradition, THQ unveiled the new wrestling game prepared for the next Christmas season, this time regardless of the name RAW vs Smackdown at the expense of a shorter, more direct, WWE 2012.

Apparently, the intention of THQ is to completely restart the franchise eliminating all elements that have failed to materialize in recent years. Therefore, one of his main concerns has been to refine the most fighting system to be much more dynamic and intuitive.

To do so, THQ has opted for a technology that has been baptized with the name Predator and that will ensure that all movements are much more fluid and easier to execute. In addition, include localized damage this means that we can attack specific points on the opponent as his arms, legs or head. And it’s a really interesting option, because giving much cane to the head of the contrary would mean that it will wobble for a few seconds caused by motion sickness.

We will also have an opportunity to make special moves to encourage the public or to the nerves to the contrary (eg the typical gestures before the final attack), and more looking to move, as it is, the elements seen in TV shows to game consoles.

As for the fighters will meet in the game, so far has not offered a complete list of them, although it has been confirmed that Alberto del Rio is one of the major developments.