Sniper Ghost Warrior release date on PS3

City Interactive confirms that its first-person shooter Sniper: Ghost Warrior will be released in Europe and the Asia April 28 PlayStation 3. The game is already available for several months on the PC and Xbox 360.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior, stealth action that makes its strong point, is set on a fictional South American island, the island Trueno, in turmoil following a military coup put in place by the despotic General Vasquez. Vasquez and his army of mercenaries took control of the island and the player’s task is to join forces with a secret commando and infiltrate the enemy base.

This PS3 version arrives late but is bringing important new features including updated graphics and gameplay, adding how “Hardcore”, a new enemy AI, exclusive missions, new multiplayer modes, new maps, new weapons.

“We are pleased to confirm the release date to April 28 of the long-awaited PlayStation 3 version of Sniper: Ghost Warrior,” said Marek Tyminski, CEO of City Interactive. “Instead of a simple transposition of the original, we have modified, updated and improved the game in different ways, making it an even stronger title. All this is indicative of the commitment of City Interactive to produce the best titles ever upon the lessons of the past for the benefit of consumers. We are confident that the PlayStation 3 version will equal or even improve, the success of previous versions for Xbox and PC. ” It’s really worth it to wait seven months?