Sexual Evolution in Virtual World

Sex – a steady trend in the games. Now there is an erotic content for any consumer: the slasher is a QTE, in criminal shooters reigns prostitution, in RPG you can seduce elf, and for those who want to manage the process, there is a real adult-dens and simulators dating. But i do not want to talk today about the sex, but about how to raise the sexual culture of games.

Over recent years supply of erotic content in games is qualitatively more complex, came to the fore the relationship, relegating to second place are the physiological process. Today we are trying to figure out the most striking examples of how the theme of sex in games has evolved from a mere nudity to a true love of two virtual characters.

Buketno-Candy period

Even in times of Mario was clear that the characters have their own video games quite libido. For example, the same mustachioed plumber was very happy to get a kiss from premium salvable of the Princess. Ignore the sexual side of their own characters, game developers could not, but feared too frankly to cover it. Because the projects early 2000’s were a kind of candy-buketno period.

Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix (2001)

Relations Hannah and Rice from Fear Effect 2 is difficult to identify. What connects them not only the common cause of friendship, it is obvious from the very first minutes of the game. Homosexual nature of this relationship not only raises questions, but also more deeply reveals the features of relations between the two female agents. Despite the fact that the developers have stressed that the heroine – not a lesbian, all remain confident of the contrary. Come on, and just as everything is clear!

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven (2002)

The love story of Tommy Angelo and Sarah, daughter of Luigi the bartender, is one of the first truly human interludes in the industry. For the first time we see a young mafia, crumbling into bone meal enemies don, finds his romantic and deeply moral nature. Relationship with this girl would have to reason with Tomi, his touch up on the idea that he made the wrong choice. However, everything happened as it should have happened.

Max Payne 2 (2003)

In life, prone to depression, detective Max Payne finally have a clear guideline – Mona Sax. Her appearance not only complement and diversified game, but also revealed Payne quite different side. Sociopath, just a curmudgeon and misanthrope, it appears, still has not lost the ability to love. Generally a combination of “Max + Mona” is ideal for any criminal history, and delete the sex out of it would be the most vicious crime against humanity.

In all of these games, we proposed to observe the development of the love story of their heroes, without interfering and without affecting its development. Sooner is still probably not ripe. But, nevertheless, the developers (and players) have learned an important lesson – the characters of games can still love each other and are capable of well-defined way to express their feelings.

Everyone does it

Later in puberty games influenced the development of the concept of unconventional gaming concept sandbox. There is nothing strange: as if a teenager got his first freedom from parents, open world games, and full freedom of action ought to have liberated sexually. And the main seducer in this direction were playing such high-profile franchises like GTA and The Sims, which made sexual relations organic part of the virtual world.

The Sims (2000-2009)

This series is made for Hip-Hop Sex in games more than others, as set in the heart of the social aspect of the relationship. Courtship, attention, care – that is now required to achieve the game goal, that is what is now the most important game problem. In addition to all, The Sims has presented its concept so bold games like The Singles, 7 sins and the like.

Grand Theft Auto (1997 – 2008)

The merit of this sandbox-prophet that finally the player will be able to fully get used to the role of the hero, but his character in addition to the specific game assignments appeared and some affection, needs and dreams. Of course, sexual relationships here do not act as a moral acceptance (slut can pick up in any quarter of any fictional town), but we’re not talking about the process, but about people who take responsibility for our virtual twin, in return for love and affection. And in the last games of the series, this part of the hero’s life comes to center stage.

“Bad” example of these games has led to rapid growth of eroticism in other projects. But not without kinks in the field: if in RPGs more appropriate to such a profound interaction with the world, then some action it looks quizzically and even funny. The desire of developers to tell the world playing that game they can do “it”, Western journalists called them a very accurate and ironic word «sexbox».

Importantly – a sense of
Qualitative development of filing the story in games in recent years led to a rethinking of models of relationships the characters. The line between movies and games are less noticeable in projects involving famous actors, and interludes katstseny removed by specially trained directors. Sex in the game has become as important and necessary technique transfer of emotions, as in the cinema. Now, working really great game, carefully avoid falling into sexbox-adult games are not enough pairs of scenes “for show”, you need something deeper and more meaningful.

Mass Effect 1 and 2 (2007-2010)

The genius of people from BioWare that they somehow know how to handle tricky to read emotions player. Their banal essentially all the stories is vivid reaction: a simple interest in the new companions suddenly turns into a real sympathy, and when forced to choose between party members, flashed an incredible idea – “and not be offended if guys with whom I am saying goodbye?”

In Mass Effect relationship heroes become truly human (even if it comes to aliens). If there is such a surprise to engage in a sexual relationship with one of the militant group, it happens in the best tradition of cinema to a wide audience – is romantic, but modestly.

Dragon Age (2009)

What could not be realized in Mass Effect, BioWare game designers have embodied in its most current at the date of the party RPG. If the space ship carrying in hyperspace, collect things and fall down from the team was not possible, then spit in the face fool Gray Sentry is much simpler. Because strengthen kinship in Arms cuddles in the light of fire – an important and necessary tool to combat the scourge.
After Dragon Age has finally become clear that the opportunity to engage in a sexual relationship with the elves de facto become a sign of good role-playing game.

The Witcher (2007)

Key game designers CD Project RED in interviews repeatedly said that “The Witcher” – an adult game and play it to be an adult. In doing so they are always clearly defined line between love Geralt and hazing Captain Shepard with some members of his team. Witcher with his lady decides how much deeper issues related to the almost biblical values – a family, raising a son and a full bouquet of responsibility for it all. Of course, Geralt does not miss the opportunity to take a random lady graces for his collection of erotic cards.

Fahrenheit (2005) and Heavy Rain (2010)

Game from Quantic Dream in the history of the industry are on a separate shelf. Firstly, they are always much ahead of its time, and secondly, they are not many other games, so are able to draw the player into its world, which lost the line between reality and fiction. Naturally, a love relationship in the projects of Quantic Dream’s always room.
Stories of a prophecy “Indigo” and “Wizard of origami” became the most outstanding events in the virtual world of the senses: interweaving destinies of the characters, sympathy and deep trust, a real and sensual sex. Well, just like in the movies. It is no exaggeration that it is the game designers Quantic Dream has played a key role in the development of good taste when applying eroticism in games.


Developers of these games we have to say thank you. Their projects in less than a dozen years to create a sustainable erotic tradition through which “igroizatsiya” sex is not sinking into a farce or bawdry. True, critics who have declared jihad video game, as the main cause of deviations in adolescents, for some reason totally refused to accept this fact. Like the fact that it is already playing in other people – while all watched sexually maturing industry, is completely transparent to mature its core consumer. Those who had to beg money for the cartridges to parents who themselves have long been able to buy a game, a bottle of expensive alcohol and subscribe to channel the night for adults.