Rumor: leak of Warhawk 2

According to a new rumor, Warhawk 2 is currently in development for the PS3 with a release date of 2012 .

The site Just Push Start says that Sony recently invited a number of players of the original title of 2007 to take a look at a first build of the sequel in a restricted access event. According to the site, Warhawk 2 will have this time with a full story mode, unlike the first, which may also have cooperative support for any number of players. As for multiplayer, which was the strength of the original title, will initially support 32 players.

This mode also includes 25 maps and vehicles, including tanks, motorcycles and jet fighters. Supposedly, players can build bunkers for themselves, which, of course, may be demolished by the enemy.

It is also said that both the visual aspect, as the combat system and the camera will be improved compared to the first Warhawk. Who of you played and now expect a sequel?