Review : Game 3D SexVilla2

I have always regarded with suspicion by the people who write obscene words, covering their stars * chkami. They are discussing them, when they write. Everyone knows this, but for some reason they diligently trying to make himself out of other people. This scares the mystery: who knows what they hide about yourself?

There’s nothing worse than a man, closing the mat asterisks. Hitler had done that.

I especially learned and received permission for a single curse word in the article and with a clear conscience I can write the word “dick”. All – now I can trust, you can be sure: I do not try to burn all the Jews.

Then there are those who are afraid to admit the obvious – all drochat. Certain groups of people pump all the porn and hentai games, but trying to justify what they just temporarily tired of favorite Left 4 Dead.

Having prepared the oil and wipes, I decided to understand these people are lying or not.

Is the game really about sex games, and not perverted drochevom? To understand this, take the game 3D SexVilla 2. People who “play” in “this”, foaming at the mouth and wild riser argue that it is not interactive porn.

The choice we are given a variety of locations – from long-haul truckers and drug addicts filthy toilets, to fantastic planets, and even attention paradise. Choosing a place excesses, like a real Pierre Woodman begin to select the main roles.

In battle, you can send up to three people. Choosing a Game Mode – “quick check”, “free play”, “Story mode” and “great pornorezhisser. With the first two all clear, but more interesting. In Storymode you have in any way possible to separate the girl for sex. The situations are different – that you came to repair the TV, but the flying business class. Nothing very complicated there, done quickly, as a bonus.

For those who prefer to remain behind the scenes and create wonder the porn industry, there is a tool for creating your movie. There’s the titles, and flying the camera, and dialogues in the spirit: “My hosyain sasunul me mop £ sadnitsu”. This expanse for creative individuals. Toolkit is not a little convenient, but very functional – the creators was to make the site so that the players piled back their creativity.

Normal gameplay is primitive. Choose poses toys and fight. Fortunately, that all this stuff here a lot and eat, where to turn. This, actually, the whole game ends. We ourselves can manage a variety of dildos, but it is much easier to trust this hack a computer. It remains to observe and sometimes to change attitudes.

In this and the whole game. The only thing that is somehow carries (other than the action itself, of course) – is an editor for the characters. There are many ready-made models (there is even invisible man and the real porn stars), but it is best to do most of the victims. The possibilities really are huge and it is truly impressive. Make it possible to anyone, even residents Pandora. Everything is limited only by your perverted fantasy. In general, the creation of characters avoids any part of The Sims.

You look now at the blue tits, and eyes are not overjoyed. However, even then does not leave the idea that the creators could make your response The Movies. Fortunately, it will almost all there -, and functional tools, and powerful editor, as well as good graphics. Another would be a little bit and turned to what fans have been waiting for from Lionhead.

A game where a huge demon makes love with aliens, unfortunately is not the game itself. Gameplay is virtually absent. Recommended for those who want to make a porn film of his dreams