New trailer and release date of Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday

After weeks without talking about ‘The 3rd Birthday’The third installment of the saga ‘Parasite Eve’ With Aya Brea always present, it is time to set the date of their European exit and watch a new trailer, with enough spoilers, By the way, which apart from seeing several cinematic history will see shares of stock from the game itself. A game that, as we have seen, has increased its action component, are far from that seen in the beginning of the saga, with that component RPG for battle.

It has been a gradual change between each delivery, in fact. Although to be as straightforward as it attracts no more hardcore fans of Aya. Whatever, the case is that after seeing your Collector’s Edition, Called Twisted Edition We discuss his departure date for U.S. territory, and we venture to say that Europe would soon after. Luckily going to be.

The April 1That is, two days later about U.S., Step on the European soil. Comment, and incidentally, that this ‘Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday’ come with texts in Castilian, and the latter is precisely what we see in this new trailer that we have passed from Koch Media. If you do not mind eating the odd spoiler, Give the play.