FIFA 11 for PC

To clarify that the conversion of FIFA 11 PC will not be less than the others, EA submitted the project in Spain and published pictures of the version emphasizing the quality of its graphics and the use of a new engine and interface. Nothing to criticize at this small show of force.

We remind you that FIFA 11 on PC also reach us on October 1 as in other systems announced. The game publisher also noted that the improvements included in editions for consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3) are not integrated into the computer because they have focused on preserving their technical quality.

However we must not underestimate FIFA 11 for PC, since it will have an attractive part, integrating features of the last two FIFA delivery, supporting a resolution up to 1900×1200 HD, offering a 20% increase of new stadiums, the possibility of capture your face and incorporate it into a player and a configuration that will support 35 different types of pad.