Dualshock Wins Emmy Award

A very curious case was that which occurred during the awards ceremony of what we might call the technical Oscars, the Nation Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. After Sony and Nintendo to declare as winners of an Emmy for peripheral development and technological impact of the controls of video games, PS3 owners were quick to say they had been given that indication for control of its new console, the Sixaxis.

Grave error, since her triumphant (and premature) press release have been forced to withdraw after it was discovered that the control of Sony that had won the Emmy was the Dualshock.

Sony justifies its previous press release, with another rather more humble. “In a press release dates from January 8, 2007, SCEA announced that it had been recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) in Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for the Sixaxis wireless controller. Due to a misunderstanding between the two organizations, the information was incorrectly reported. SCEA won a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for the Dualshock controller. ”

For Ironically, what Sony had interpreted as a triumph of his command over the Wiimote, has turned against him. Although the Dualshock deserved the award, aside controversy over alleged plagiarism to third. Who does not has been sued for stealing its technology to another today?